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The Saltport



Evening Edition

5th day of the

2nd tenday of Alturiak

Xaevian Military Leader Arrives in Sink

Tired of Working So Hard? One Wizard Believes He Has The Answer


Imagine never having to carry heavy items again or having to use a ladder to reach high places. Picture having a secret invisible servant that your boss doesn't even know about. ​

There are simple spells that can make life easier for all the workers of Saltport. The kind of spells they DON'T want you to know about. 

One wizard wants to teach YOU the secrets. Come to the Scholar's Ward and, for a nominal fee, say goodbye to hard labor forever.

*Payment in installments is allowed.



Due to an uptick of looting and theft, the City Guard is looking to hire more guards. Dewars Basta, the City Guard Captain has also announced a general increase in City Guard presence all over saltport. 


It seems as if the Xaevian refugee crisis isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Yesterday, Amiela, the Xaevian captain of Zoloy company (and a Paladin who is known for riding a bear into battle) arrived in The Sink to help fellow Xaevians. Until now, the refugees have been completely leaderless and have gone largely ignored. The arrival of this new mountain warrior might change the current dynamic.


The Saltport monarch's response to the growing crisis is coming under severe scrutiny from critics. Some say the crown waited to long to take this threat seriously. Now the situation is becoming more intense and international travel bans are being considered. 

When asked for comment, the king responded, "I don't take responsibility at all. This current situation is a direct result of the previous king's policies. There was really nothing we could do."

Refugee Crises aren't uncommon in Greater Faerun, happening every few years, and its kingdoms are expected to be prepared for the 'big one'. No one yet knows if the Xaevians are going to be the worst crisis this city has ever seen, but everyone agrees that it's probably time we all started taking it seriously. 

There has even been some suggesting that the Monarchy take action immediately to help lessen the economic impact. Talk of creating a central currency and allowing private banks to lend money sounded crazy in the past. But these discussions are gaining more traction than ever. 

Huge Booty Up For Grabs


massive reward is being offered for anyone who can locate the Chaterran cargo ship, Sidewinder. The foreign ship was scheduled to dock in Saltport a week ago but has yet to arrive. It's whereabouts are currently unknown. The Ambassador from Chaterra is offering a huge reward. "Anyone who can find this ship and her cargo will be entitled to keep half of all her cargo."


The Saltport Sentinel has reached out to The Triton Molos Vuuvaxath who watches over the ocean depths around the island for comment. The nautical sorcerer has yet to respond to make a statement for the press. 




Our gossip columnist is attempting to confirm rumors that a daughter and heir to Clan Katau of Chaterra was secretly working in the Visions of Desire. She has since returned to her homeland. Some even say she may be pregnant.

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