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The Saltport



Evening Edition

2nd day of the

3rd tenday of Alturiak


Monthly Tavern Competition Winners Announced


Oyster's Armour wins for the first time! After repeatedly placing in the top-three for several months, this Longshoremen's bar has finally won.

Coming in second place is a very disappointed The Drink In The Sink. Although, the proprietor, Spider Warford is claiming fraud on the part of the competition's officials. Sour grapes perhaps?

And to everyone's surprise, The Snake Farm takes third place. The creepy Chaterran watering hole makes the largest single-month leap we've ever seen in this competition. The snakes over there are drinking like fish tonight and any onlooker would think they won something much more prestigious than this monthly, friendly blood-drive challenge among Saltport's taverns. 

Remember folks, you don't need to wait for a competition to donate blood. In fact the Chaterran's recent hospital supply shortage makes a lot more sense after seeing how well they performed this month. 


Scores of undead bodies are littering the harbors of Saltport. The increase in floating corpses is causing massive congestion in our waterways and many in the city are concerned about delays in travel an shipping as some boats have been waiting for days to either come in or leave the docks. 

Molos Vuuvaxath, the Triton sorcerer has taken it upon himself to rid the waters of the undead; however, many, including a spokesman from the monarchy, claim he's just making things worse. Our correspondents have journeyed down to the docks to witness Molos spearing multiple bodies like pasta spirals on a fork and heaving them out of the ocean. Bloated, decomposing bodies rained down on passersby, food vendors, and even on small watercraft. One body was swiftly thrown into the side of a passing ship putting a hole through both sides of its hull. All passengers are believed to have been rescued from the sinking ship. 

The City's Port Authority, however, welcomes the sorcerer's intervention, as their official press release stated: "Well, nuffin' else-iz beyun dun 'bout it (sic)." The Longshoremen Caucus has also agreed to help Molos Vuuvaxath clear the waters of the undead. 

One resident of the East Docks had this to say: "For sure, someone needs to get rid of all the bodies - but all of the ensuing material destruction might be a little easier to stomach if everyone didn't look so happy doing it."

Port Authority is excited to see the clearing of the bodies, but now they are also having to deal with a throng of angry ship owners. Harper Findley, guild leader of The Nauts and Captain of the Spirit of Celestia declared that if the Triton Sorcerer damages any Nauts property, Molos will have to answer to Harper personally.

Adventure Scholarship Announced


Count Drago Rofguard expands his young adventurer's scholarship. Rofguard, a professor of Adventure Studies in the Scholar's Ward announces plans to offer the scholarship to FIFTY more willing adventurers. 

The adventure scholarship began over ten years ago when Professor Rofguard was elected to the Daedalus Council and since then, over three hundred of Saltport's youth have been accepted and sent off to search the realm for treasure and adventure. 

Rofguard believes the only way to be a fully-contributing member of Saltport's civic society is to leave on adventure and bring back treasure, stories, information, experience, culture, and at the very least - an appreciation of Saltport.

So if you know any young adventurers looking for free passage on a ship to find treasure, please contact Count Drago Rofguard at the Daedalus council ASAP. 

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