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Things were a little different last year.

While many Seasonals lost their jobs, moved back home, changed their plans, or gave up entirely -  others plunged forward even deeper into the unknown.

Seasonal Rebecca Johnson delivers a wonderful essay about the Seasonal Lifestyle and successfully navigating the unusual work environments presented during the global pandemic. 

What does a Seasonal do when life hands her a pandemic?

Stories about living. Everywhere.


Every Seasonal makes memories and gains experience. But the best Seasonals acquire perspective. 
Buying Happiness by David Dentinger - David Dentinger tells us the true secret to seasonal happiness... buy it. 
The Gift of Gab by Ryan Deininger - There is a rare, freakish quality found only in the best tour guides. It's easy to spot and impossible to ignore. 
Chasing the Buffalo by David Dentinger
Please do not follow any of the animal-related advice in this article: unless you have to.
Sabai Sabai by Austin Bentz - Why you should consider teaching English in Thailand.
The Ephemeral Fear of Seasonal Friend Loss by Joey Rovinsky - The fear of disappointing our friends and family is the single greatest hurdle to the would-be Seasonal.
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The places we've been. The people we've met. The lessons we've learned. The times we almost died. The lessons we've learned from all the times we almost died. 
Kamikaze Kiwis by Ryan Deininger - How to move to New Zealand without a plan. And more importantly... how to tell the story. 
Dirge of the Trash Fish by Joey Rovinsky - The editors of The Seasonals have always wanted a sailboat to call our own. But dreams soon become nightmares when the cockroaches take over.
Nightmares in Paradise by Khloe Meitz - It was going to be a dream job. It was a guide job riding horses all winter in Hawaii. Fun, warmth, beauty, growth. Except it didn't end up being any of those things.
Steph Davis Interview - Steph Davis ditched law school and pursued her real passions in her early twenties. Today, she is one of the most respected, admired, and infamous female adrenaline junkies in the world. 
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These are not your average how-to articles. The Seasonals Primers are step-by-step treasure maps to follow in our footsteps. 
St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands by Joey Rovinsky - Everything you need to know before packing up and moving to the island paradise of St. Thomas. by Brittany Dufresne -Need a seasonal job? Want to work in paradise? Easy. Seriously. is God's gift to seasonal workers. This is the definitive user-guide. 
Teaching English in Thailand by Austin Bentz - Do you ever wish you could teach English in an amazing country like Thailand? Well you can. And it's actually really easy. 
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