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The Seasonals Adventures


an interview with Steph Davis

Steph Davis ditched law school and pursued her real passions in her early twenties.


Today, she is one of the most respected, admired, and infamous female adrenaline junkies in the world. 

Sailing in Alaska
by Ryan Deininger

This is how guys from Ohio die when they move to Alaska. 

Tonight, Captain Devon and I decide to take his sailboat out night-sailing one last time.

We are attempting to outrace an impending gale and make it nine miles to a bar called Hole in the Wall. Hopefully alive. And hopefully before closing time.

Virgin Island Cockroaches

The Dirge of the Trash Fish

by Joey Rovinsky

The editors of have always wanted a sailboat to call our own.... But when the cockroaches take over, dreams become nightmares in the Virgin Islands. 

The shadiest person I’ve met on the island just sold us a month of rent for $200 which doubles as the down payment on this $1,200 floating piece of shit.


This boat is one hull fire away from raising the surrounding boats’ market price by a grand each.

Read This Adventure.
Working in Hawaii
by Khloe Meitz

It was going to be a dream job. It was a guide job riding horses all winter in Hawaii. Fun, warmth, beauty, growth. Except it didn't end up being any of those things.


Not ever Seasonal will be happy in the situation they find themselves in.


This is a story of someone who read the situation and when it became insurmountably negative, she had the courage, self-respect, and preparedness to leave it.

Daihatsu Charade New Zealand
by Ryan Deininger

Buy a one-way ticket to an island paradise. Forget about lining up a job beforehand. Don’t worry about finding a vehicle or a place to sleep. Just go.


Remember: you are smart, charismatic, resourceful, employable, devilishly handsome – hell, you’re invincible. This is the Kamikaze Approach. And this is how Joey and I find ourselves as we land at Auckland International Airport in New Zealand on December 6th, 2016. 

by Jeff Karlson

Three generations of Karlson men captain the Eagle I from Ketchikan, Alaska to Seattle Washington. 

"I have known the feeling of the onset of adventure before, but none quite so grandiose as the undertaking still ahead of us. Outside of tug skippers and ferry pilots, who navigates the inside passage in the dead of winter? The attitude on board was one of excited preparedness, accompanied by an unspoken hint of regret for the knowledge that this would be our last cruise aboard the Eagle I."

Gringa in Brazil
by Devin O'Brien

From the tropical island paradise of Florianópolis, an Alaskan gringa loses herself in the streets of Carnival to find the true Brazil. 

It's a cross-cultural, cross-dressing tale that is somewhere between spring break and Fast and the Furious. 

Southeast Sea Kayaks
by Khloe Meitz

The Spree was the kind of boat you had to defend more so than flaunt. She was sporty, the way a rusted out WWII jeep might be, and noble in the same manner: garnering respect because she was an old-timer and pity because she wasn’t wearing it too well. 


There were soft spots in her deck, in her hull, and in her ceiling; she leaked whenever it rained, seemed to maintain buoyancy through sheer willpower and peeled paint like a bad habit.

And I was her captain.

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