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The Saltport



Evening Edition

10th day of the

3rd tenday of Alturiak


Council Fingers Architect


The search for the mysterious source of undead in our city has finally come to an end. A man named Billingsworth Uptergraph Sinclair - better known by his alias "The Architect" - has been officially accused by the Daedalus Council as being the culprit. The Council claims The Architect planted a zombie magnet ball in the Sixth-Layer Museum during construction.


The zombie magnet ball caused thousands upon thousands of undead from all over Faerun to descend on saltport. Thanks to our citizens tenacity, ferocity, and ingenuity - we were able to stave off the undead attack as well as clear our harbors of the bodies. 


The aged leader of the crafters guild known as The Brotherhood of the Lens is set to retire. For the last two years the Gnome called Sagen Hammersly has expertly led this loose coalition of craftsmen and our city has benefited greatly from his leadership. 

Hammersly is well known for his uncanny ability to get his fellow crafters to agree and compromise on everything from sales contracts to manufacturing locations. But he is best known for establishing the Hammersly Method of Trade amongst the craftsmen.


This method set the standard for how many doo-dads each widget can be traded for - likewise, it established how many doohickeys it takes to trade for one thingamajigger. But Hammersly's lasting legacy must certainly be the declaration that each gizmo is worth EXACTLY one whatchamacallit. 

Who will fill the void left by Hammersly, no one knows. Hopefully someone with the wisdom and ability to bring this city together. 

We may never see his likes again.

Rat, Mole, or Whistleblower?


Lilian Gnew has been accused by the Kelemvor Institute as being a spy. The Kelemvor institute keeps precise records of all the births and deaths in Saltport. If this is all they are doing, what could he possibly have been spying on? 

A source close to the story who has requested to remain anonymous informed the Sentinel that Lilian Gnew had privately warned others in the Institute that the information they were gathering was being used in Dark Ways. 

When word of this private correspondence leaked, the Institute formally accused him of making false statements  that disturbed the public order.

He was sent back to work at the Institute where he died several days later of unrelated complications. 

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