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So what is a Seasonal?

Simply put, a seasonal worker is one who works a temporary job in a place most people only dream of visiting.  A ski lift only needs operators when there’s snow and a kayak company in Alaska only need guides when there’s tourists to take on tours, therefore we have seasonal jobs.

Beyond the basic definition, Seasonals are individuals who step outside of their comfort zone with the intention of being somehow better, wiser, or even just more resilient. The ideal adventure for such creatures isn’t found in an experience that we had while we were away on a trip. The adventure that a Seasonal seeks is one that encompasses our entire existences—one that is wholeheartedly fulfilling, the residual effects of which last much longer than just a season.

The Seasonals is an online magazine that’s here to represent a community made up of such mindful individuals.

To travel and to see a place for a moment is intriguing, maybe inspiring, but to submerge yourself into a community and feel what the locals feel even to the slightest degree is what we Seasonals are seeking. We go, we learn, we contribute, we guide, and all the while we try our hardest to exemplify the respect that the true local community and environment deserves.

We go to learn how the rest of the world lives because that is simply our passion, or maybe we are aiming to escape our suburban existences shaped by a society that doesn’t resonate with us. Seasonals are pushing the envelope of what is the old standard while seeking purpose and maybe something a little wild.

Share your stories with us so we can share them with the world. Let the girl from Oklahoma and the boys from Ohio know that there’s more to life than what everyone’s always told us.

Behind the scenes.

Joey Rovinsky—owner, project manager. In 2012, I was in my second year of doing split shifts at a USPS station in suburban Columbus, Ohio. I was miserable. Graphic design, writing, and talking my way into or out of any situation were my marketable skills.

A summer job opportunity came to me from Ketchikan, Alaska. I accepted without a second thought. It was my first taste of the Seasonal lifestyle. The next summer I brought friends who were looking for the same thing I was: Something better. We found that and more and created a magazine and then a website to help others who are better suited for the Seasonal lifestyle than society’s default setting.

Joey Rovinsky: Editor/Founder The Seasonals Magazine
Kellie Mogg: Editor/Founder The Seasonals Magazine

Kellie Mogg—owner, functional manager. With a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Oklahoma in hand (well, probably buried deep in a dusty box somewhere), I left home initially to live in a renovated barn, eat avocados the size of my head, and work with my sister on her food truck in Hawai’i. That led to a transient life all over the US as a bartender, festival vendor, fire dancer, farm worker, and occasional tour guide.

Joey, Ryan, and The Seasonals came into my life during my first summer in Ketchikan, AK in 2016. I couldn’t have been happier to have been invited to work on a concept that I’d already been so passionate about since my first seasonal job in California when I was 15—one of my most valuable experiences and one that opened the eyes of a painfully shy midwestern girl to all the things that her life could be.

Ryan Deininger—owner, content manager. When they told me Don Draper already had the job I applied for at some giant New York City advertising agency, I didn’t believe them. When I told them that my advertising degree still mattered after the 2008 global financial crisis… they didn’t believe me.

A while later, after working as an accountant for a few years, I decided to follow fellow Seasonals editor Joey Rovinsky to Ketchikan, Alaska. And although I have been paid to drive speed boats in Alaska, mush dog sleds in Wyoming, make burritos in New Zealand, Kayak with humpback whales, and snorkel in the Virgin Islands… I really haven’t worked a day since.

It is my entire goal to simply say: you can too.

Ryan Deinnger: Editor/Owner The Seaonals Magazie
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