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Write for The Seasonals

We want you to write for The Seasonals.

Yes. You. 


Seasonals don't just travel through paradise - we live here, we work here, we play here. Each article on embodies this spirit and should be a resource to anyone seeking or already living this lifestyle.

Being a seasonal isn’t just about wandering aimlessly. We are all on our own mission. Whether it’s the search for happiness, a thirst for learning new things, or just the romance of being transient.


Share your stories. Start the conversations about what’s been on your mind. Try to illustrate why you live the way you do so someone who doesn’t quite get it, might start to understand or even be inspired.

The best advice we can give regarding the style we’re looking for is: Read other articles on the site to get an idea of what we are looking for.

Here are some guidelines on the three types of articles we feature on the site as well as some do’s and don’ts to leave you with less questions as you sit down to write. Expect some edits on our end so that we can maintain a certain flow and standard of aesthetics throughout our website.

Primers - 

How many times have you told the story of how you ended up in whatever beautiful place with whichever cool job and whoever it was you were with? This category is where we tell those stories in the way that you would tell your best friend or little sister—someone who you really do want to be able to follow in your footsteps but with the boost of knowledge that you wish you would have had from the get go. These should be extremely detailed (3000+ words of names, locations, prices, time, expenses, and maybe even level of difficulty), however a focus on brevity when possible is also ideal.


Essays - 

This is an opportunity to give your argument or perspective on a part of the seasonal lifestyle. Whether it’s to inspire the doubtful that you really can create your own reality, or maybe to educate other Seasonals on our responsibilities as members of the transient community. Enlighten or inspire us—either way, we’re listening.

Adventures - 

Here’s where your campfire stories come to shine. We want true stories, ideally first-person narratives that tell us about your adventures. The ones that still leave you lit up after you tell them. These can be about you or about someone else; just aim to leave us with something to be lit up about as well.


DOs and DON'Ts - There’s not many rules around here, but there are a few.

Don’t feel the need to dig deep into the thesaurus for fancy words that you personally wouldn’t use in regular conversation. A good rule of thumb is - don’t use any word that you haven’t said out loud in a normal conversation in the last two months. Keep things clean and concise, but remember to let your true voice flow.


The Seasonals is not the place for your “best kept secret” or “quirky” articles. The world doesn’t need more articles listing the best beaches in the Caribbean—that’s not what we’re here for. #NoClickBait


If using photos, please focus on high quality images. Feel free to add a couple extra if you want to give us options to see what looks best on the site.


We don’t mind slang terms if they are intentional for the story. But do please proofread your writing before submitting it.


When mentioning us, The Seasonals is capitalized as are Seasonals when referring to seasonal workers. 


Break up your paragraphs with an additional space. It helps those readers with monkey mind to focus on the valuable things you are sharing.


Along with your article, please share your full name, a short third person bio, a prime photo of yourself, and any personal websites/blogs/social media handles you’d like to have mentioned so you get all the props you deserve.


How to submit?

This is the easy part. Email us. It's that simple. We will get back to you, we promise. WE WANT TO RECEIVE YOUR EMAILS. 

If you have an idea- or a pitch, or just want to ask us a question before you start. Easy. Email us. 


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