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The Saltport



Evening Edition

5th day of the

1st tenday of Ches




There's a reason why Pelor is the most popular god in Saltport, and her name is Grand Mother Vinka. She will be the centerpiece of the Light Festival in the coming days and will be performing faith healing on demand as well as making speeches and giving away signed copes of her newest book The Doctor is Out to the first two thousand entrants. 

Grand Mother Vinka, the eldest of the leaders of the priests of Pelor promises there will be dances from the elven believers, along with the usual Light Festival favorites. Speaking of - who do YOU think will win this year's Orc-Soup contest?

This year's festival is expected to draw absolutely massive crowds. All foot traffic and delivery of goods will be diverted around The Hallow during the Light Festival. 


The first attempt to  accurately map the undercity of Saltport is underway. The League of Scholars, led by Paskin Mildrenir - has announced its new program to do the mapping. 


And they need YOU. 


That's right - Mildrenir is putting together groups of skilled citizens  and outfitting them with weapons and armor to delve deep into the depths of the city's under layers. The group is sparing no expense and seeks to have a complete map of every layer beneath Saltport within five years. 

Alumni of the Rofguard Adventurer Scholarship are publicly endorsing the plan - and many are volunteering to lead some of the exploratory groups. 

Many explorers are expected to perish during their quests. Which is great news for the Chaterran Embassy in The Promenade. Leaked documents from the Kelemvor Institute (who keep precise records of all the births and deaths in Saltport) indicate that the Chaterrans have been making very large 'donations' to the Institute in return for access to the recently deceased bodies in the city. The Chaterrans are certainly using these bodies to prepare lavish feasts at their embassy. This is obviously unacceptable to most citizens of Saltport - if only the Institute was as good at burying bodies as we are at burying ledes. 



Rumors from the palace about an extraordinary hunt are being whispered amongst the nobility today. Word on the street is that King Everett Maxwell McCoy is taking tedious and deliberate steps to prepare his court and his advisors for a long hunt. Longer than usual. 

The citizens of Saltport will certainly be cheering on the king, as we always do. It's truly the mark of a great leader when even the children of his city perpetually look forward to putting the king's meat in their mouths. 

What is the king going to be hunting this time? No one knows for sure - but some of the more juicy rumors speculate that he might be on the trail of some exotic beast from another plane of existence. 

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