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It all started in Thomas Basin. On a terribly windy, rainy, miserably normal Ketchikan day – before my love/hate relationship with the local weather had taken root – four of us took off in small boat with a badass motor and a 30-rack of Coors. From here it gets wetter,...

For legal purposes, some of the names in this story have been changed.

For theatrical purposes, none of the events have been altered in any way. 


Walk the docks. That’s my advice to every single newbie in town. My second day in Ketchikan was spent meeting locals and swa...

Truth be told I’ve never been too interested in the life of a Mariner. Well up until I cranked a sheet line winch in a tack battle North of Pennock Island.


I might be shooting myself in the foot on this one, but for me the best kept secret in Ketchikan is the Thursday...

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