Issue 05 of The Seasonals Quarterly Magazine takes you to the places, the jobs, and into the lives of people living unconventional lifestyles. In this issue, we are bringing you a lot of adventure stories and plenty of resources to get you where you want to be. 


In interviews with our Seasoned Professionals, we'll give you a peak into the highlights as well as the struggles of the lifestyle of a cruise ship performer, Pasquale Crociata. We are also bringing you the story of a conservation photographer/tour guide who found the Seasonal lifestyle late in life. See how Sherri Camperchioli is thriving as a Seasonal and get inspired by her love for nature and our National Parks. 


Our cover photo gives you a glance into a story from Meghan Young, a helicopter pilot in Alaska. What happens when a heli-ski trip can't happen because of a lack snow? You go surfing of course. 


We've got stories to share about a job as an Appalachian Trail ridgerunner, shoulder season travel in Colombia with a diverse group of travel companions, the backstory of whitewater SCUBA diving, an adventurous look at life working trail crew in the Grand Canyon, and a story about that speaks to a Seasonals desire to consistently put himself in places to find magic in the world around him. We have an introduction guide to Seasonal work and our favorite job search website, making this issue a great one to give to a friend who's thinking about making the plunge into the lifestyle.


In the US, we don't always have the time to take vacations. As a Seasonal, you will have the time if you so choose to take it, but you may have to be crafty about how you budget. Sheree Hooker shares an experience about working a hostel desk during her travels in Scotland. The jobs that allow us to submerge in other cultures may not be glamorous but they are definitely worth it. Olivia Gambelin shares another story with us that highlights the abilitiy of a Seasonal to be content in the face of uncertainty. Eric Bates shares a great piece about his first trad climb that will remind you of the pure roots of the sport of climbing. 


Our featured photographer from the Big Island, Joshua Lambus, shares photos from his excursions Blackwater Diving. Get ready to see some creatures that look like they came directly from outerspace.


There's a lot of insight, inspiration, and amusing stories to keep anyone entertained in this one. 


Thank you to everyone who wrote for us, took photos for us, answered questions, did design work, and any other way one might have lent their precious time to us in order to bring this 100 page, advertisement free magazine to fruition. 


***Due to some technical difficulties and misfortunes while on the road, this issue will be a little later than usual. Aiming for late January. Our appologies for any inconvenience, and our greatest appreciation for your understanding. Xo 

Issue 05