Issue 04 of The Seasonals Quarterly Magazine takes you to the places, the jobs, and into the lives of people living unconventional lifestyles. In this issue, we are bringing you a lot of adventure stories and plenty of resources to get you where you want to be. 


Our Seasoned Professionals couldn't be any more different but I bet they'd get along pretty well. Maya and Brent McCoy are professional buskers that are shedding some light on the lifestyles of those insanely unique individuals we've all stopped to watch and been so pleasantly surprised by on some street corner or festival. Tyler Sharp, founder of the Modern Huntsman, shares his start as a filmmaker for safaris in Tanzania, and how his experiences evolved into a passion for educating non-hunters about the values of mindful hunting. 


We've got stories to share about wildland firefighting, lifeguarding in Ocean Beach, commercial fishing in Alaska, life as an overland tour guide, and even one about an obsession for jumping out of airplanes. If you're in it for the resources, how about advice on how to find work teaching English in China? Stephen Rohan has essentially made a road map for you all the way to the classroom. Ashley Halligan shares some romantic insight to road tripping in Portugal you definitely need before your next trip to Europe. And Mary Maley takes the wheel on getting you to your very own captain's license—a list of all the paperwork and forms necessary in this tedious journey might be the real mvp in this one. Previously our featured photographer, Andy Klun, shares a trail map and beautiful photos with his experiences on the "O" Circuit in Torres del Paine in Patagonia. Bryant Knoll gives some great advice on how to become a professional whitewater guide, and Andrea Zaghi shares her experience in a 10-day Vipassana silent retreat. There's a lot of insight, inspiration, and amusing stories to keep anyone entertained in this one. 


Thank you to everyone who wrote for us, took photos for us, answered questions, did design work, and any other way one might have lent their precious time to us in order to bring this 100 page, advertisement free magazine to fruition. 


***This issue will not ship until late October. 

Issue 04

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