Issue 03 of The Seasonals Quarterly Magazine takes you to the places, the jobs, and into the lives of people living unconventional lifestyles. In this issue, we are bringing you introspective pieces about traveling with intention, stories about life in the trim scene in the Emerald Triangle, and a piece by one of our editors about Ketchikan, the magical southeast Alaskan town that this publication was born in. 


We are bringing you insight, stories, and life philosophy from three incredible Seasoned Professionals. Janne Robinson resists the idea that life should be lived any certain way and empowers you to live your best life unapologetically. Yoga teacher, Lauren Rudick, is here to show you how an incredible drive for success can take you all over the world. Bill Berg, the founder of CoolWorks is going to take you through the evolution of the seasonal game and his life as a career seasonal. 


We'll show you the peaceful beauty in seasonal change in Japan as well as the adrenaline filled lifestyle of a professional white water guide. Want advice about how to find work on the Big Island? We got you there. Or maybe working internationally is more your thing -- a story about a Kansas boy's drastic and creative way to remain in Malta will get those wheels turning. We'll also show you a woman thriving as both a commercial fisherwoman and a jewelry designer and how she combines the two passions. 


Matt Hamilton, local Ketchikan artist, blessed our publication with a little weirdness by creating the creature found on the cover just for us. Check his stuff out via Creative Hustler Company. 


Other featured artists in this issue are Jessie Jean a wonderfully talented tattoo artist who felt like blowing us away with some watercolor illustrations, Jason Dallas Baldwin Hensler and his 6 photos form 6 continents over a year of travel, and Robert Kalter who's probably going to be somewhere on Mount Kilimanjaro by the time you see what he contributed. 


Thank you to everyone who wrote for us, took photos for us, answered questions, did design work, and any other way one might have lent their precious time to us in order to bring this 100 page, advertisement free magazine to fruition. 

Issue 03

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