Issue 01

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  • Issue 01 of The Seasonals Quarterly Magazine takes us to the places, the jobs, and into the lives of people living the Seasonal lifestyle. This, the January issue, highlights Seasonals during the winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the Southern Hemisphere. 

    This issue features interviews with three women bound to ignite inspiration: Hilary Oliver - writer, filmmaker, lover of the outdoors, Annelie Pompe - yogi, surfer, and speaker, and Steph Davis - climber, base jumper, and writer. 


    It also includes stories of chasing buffalo on Catalina Island, living amongst a local family in the Italian countryside, exploring India during the Holi Festival, shitty mishaps in St. Thomas, leading dog sled tours in Alaska, blissful days on Hawai'i, and a story of self preservation from one of our favorite Seasonals.


    Thank you to everyone who wrote for us, took photos for us, answered questions, gave design advice, and any other way one might have lent their precious time to us in order to bring this 76 page, advertisement free magazine to fruition.