Issue 02 of The Seasonals Quarterly Magazine takes us to the places, the jobs, and into the lives of people living unconventional lifestyles. In issue 02 you'll find introspective pieces about lessons learned while traveling, reflections about why we wander, and fun adventure stories including the story of how a young Brit managed to find his way onto a zombie movie set in Thailand. 

Our Seasoned Professionals for this issue are as diverse as they are inspiring: Jacopo Larcher - climber, storyteller, and vandweller, Charles Post - ecologist, modern huntsman, and filmmaker, and John Early - author, yogi, and co-founder of Momentom Collective. 


We also share a story from a couple living in their camper in one of the most expensive ski towns in Colorado, a guide to Workaway for Seasonals, a yummy salmon recipe from LaDonna Rose to get us ready for the summer in Alaska, climbing tales in Asia, the serenity of life drinking kava on Vanuatu, a beautiful story about a wanderer's quest from the founder of Pilgrim Magazine, and more. 


Thank you to everyone who wrote for us, took photos for us, answered questions, did design work, and any other way one might have lent their precious time to us in order to bring this 96 page, advertisement free magazine to fruition. 


***Note: This issue is currently being printed and won't be sent out until the end of April. Feel free to get those orders in now though! 

Issue 02

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